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Extor 4100

Suitable for removing different dry floating dust and smaller particles.

Includes digital control panel, filter controlling, collecting bin controlling, suitable for 50/60 Hz.

Enclosed solution used on the DMG high-speed machining centres.

Extor 3500

Suitable for removing of different dry floating dusts and smaller particles.

Contains large suction distance through patented suction-blowing system, automatic mechanical filter cleaning and corrosion resistant antistatic casing.

Enclosed solution used on the Hermle high-speed machining centres.

The most powerful.

Extor Oy is a globally leading manufacturer of filtration systems for difficult dust. In-depth knowledge of the products gives us superiority in our business. Each product is the result of our own efforts, from the development process to manufacture. By keeping full control of the products, we can adapt our systems to all environments.